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I can hear clearly now
At Sussex, we endeavour to provide our patients with the best hearing care available.

We promise to:

  • Provide the services of the finest hearing-loss professionals
  • Follow the latest advances and peer-reviewed protocols
  • Use only the best and most recent medical equipment
  • Suggest treatment plans that met our patients’ requirements
  • Offer a service-oriented approach

Our audiologists and hearing care professionals offer total solutions:

  • Hearing evaluations for patients of all ages, aided by the most recent technology.
  • Development of treatment plans that include custom fitting and/or doctor-prescribed medication
  • Assistive help: amplified phone and FM systems
  • Consulting services for the hard-of-hearing and their families.

We interact with your personal physician and share all relevant information, whether by fax or email.

Our patients and customers deserve the ultimate in attentiveness and support.


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