The sounds of life: the facts

  • Hearing can decline over 25-30 years.1
  • Sometimes it can happen so gradually that you don’t even realize you’re hard of hearing.
  • 10% of the population could use a hearing aid, but only 2% actually do so.
  • Most hearing loss issues can be qualified as “sensorineutral”.

Put your hearing to the test!

Next time you have a routine medical appointment, ask for a hearting test. Start by using the self-evaluation quiz below. Should you suspect a hearing loss, your doctor could refer you to a hearing care professional for an assessment and rehabilitation plan.

If you can’t hear it, treat it!

Few people look forward to wearing hearing aids… which is perfectly understandable. But if only they knew how much their quality of life would improve! Scientific studies by the National Council on Aging (NCOA) have shown that among those with an auditory deficiency, those who seek treatment report:

  • An enhancement in the quality of their social activities community
  • Improved family and social interaction
  • Overall better mental, physical and emotional health
  • Greater peace of mind

Hearing Loss: The Symptoms

Can’t hear things like you used to? Perform a preliminary assessment by answering the following questions in all honesty. Should some of your answers be “’yes”, consider the possibility of scheduling an appointment with one of our hearing specialists.

  • Are you frequently asking people to repeat what they just said?
  • Are your housemates complaining about the unbearably loud volume on TV?
  • Do some people speak clearly, while others seem to mumble?
  • Do you have difficulty hearing when you are surrounded by many people or a sustained background noise?
  • When conversing, is it hard to understand some words?
  • Are you withdrawing from your loved ones, friends, family and/or coworkers?
  • Are you dreading telephone conversations?
  • Do you hear the everyday noises of life? Doorbells, dripping faucets…
  • Do people tell you that you speak too loud?

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